Monday, April 1, 2013

“Just Give Up Why Don’t’cha!?”

“Just Give Up Why Don’t’cha!?”
Rabbi Yehudah ben Shomeyr

“Give up!”
“Just Quit!”

Those are dirty words to the Westerner who fought oppression and tyranny to be free. “NEVER!” is the response to the commands above. It is just not in the Western psyche to “Give up.” That has been our greatest strength, but is also our greatest weakness. Even in matters of faith, “Giving up” is not an option.

“Speak to that mountain…”
“Have faith of a mustard seed…”
“Name it, and claim it!”
“Speak Life and Breakthrough to your situation.”

It is simply not in us to give up or give in.

Some of us may not be physical Israel, but we sure our stiff-necked like them!

I feel the LORD is really trying to speak to His People here, today, right now in the Western World. I know of two friends of mine who are currently up against some unique obstacles and they are frustrated because they have tried everything and do not know what to do. While in mediation and prayer regarding their situation it occurred to me. They have tried everything but surrender, just giving up!

This very message GOD drilled into me at the start of 2013. I was in a very dark spiritual place where I could not hear clearly from the LORD. I tried everything, prayer, fasting, anointing myself and my house and rebuking and casting our demons left and right. Finally I screamed to the heavens, “GOD! I GIVE UP! I am done, I quit! I refuse to speak or move (spiritually) until you speak to me!” Childish? Yes. Audacious? Most certainly, but necessary. Just three to four days after I made that declaration, HE SPOKE, In a mighty and unexpected way! Out of the blue and I have never been the same since. I advised these men to just simply, give up! Still sounds like a bad idea? Let me put it another way, “LET GO AND LET GOD!”

I am reminded when my wife and I were trying to have a child. It didn’t happen until we gave up. It is when we stopped trying and focusing on the issue that it happened!

What we deemed as the enemy trying to stop us is perhaps the Holy One trying to stop us so He can speak to us!

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. –James 4:7

Submit is just another word for “surrender” and “give up.”

Didn’t Messiah say that it is hard to kick against the pricks (Acts 9:5; 26:14). He was speaking in terms of Himself. It is hard to fight against Messiah when He is trying to tell you something!

Remember when you first got saved; the fight and the struggle that was to give up and surrender yourself fully to Messiah? If in your walk and ministry you have hit a brick wall and have tried everything and do not know what to do, why not try quitting? Just give up! I recently had a friend call me and tell me that they feel so stupid because they were trying to do ministry and they kept hitting roadblocks. Obviously they thought it was Satan trying to stop them when they realized the particular thing they was doing when all finished would have been a waste of time due to a missing component. Satan wasn’t trying to stop them, GOD WAS! He was trying to save my friend from further heartache and frustration.

Have you hit a brick wall? Tried everything? Is and has GOD been trying to tell you something? Has He been trying to get you quiet and alone so He can reveal something to you or download something into your spirit?

My advice to you is, “Give up!”

Be still, and know that I am God. – Psa. 46:10