Monday, March 11, 2013

Rabbi Yehudah’s Return to Nigeria in 2013

Rabbi Yehudah’s Return to Nigeria in 2013

Shalom dear family, friends, associates and fellow ministers of Torah and Messiah,
Greetings in the Name of Yeshua our Messiah,
A little over three years ago I was contacted by a man who changed my life. That man was the late Rabbi Ukahson of Nigeria Africa, man from the Igbo tribe that resides there, who gave me a Macedonian call to come and minister to the Messianic and Natsari believers in Nigeria.  The evil one threw every obstacle in my way to prevent me from going. Needless to say he did not win. As a result of going to Nigeria, I have never been the same since.  I have made two trips thus far to the place in Nigeria they call Igboland to hold conferences with leader and laymen alike as well as to distribute Judiaca items and Messianic and Natsari literature to help cultivate and grow this band of Torah obedient followers of Messiah. While there ministering among them I had the humble surprise and privilege to be made a chief within their tribe. I was given the title; “Odum Biara Ana Igbo Nwanne Di Uto” Which means, “The Lion who came to Igboland is a Sweet Brother.” My Igbo name is “Tochukwu” which has the same meaning as my Hebrew name, Yehudah which means, “Praise God.”

While there ministering to the various congregations in city and bush I was privileged to meet a few paramount rulers as well as a King over them all whom are also believers. While speaking with the rulers and the elders I was heard and began to investigate and later substantiated their claims of being a portion of the Israeli lost tribe of Gad which I have compiled into a book called “Finding Gad: The Quest for the Lost Tribe of Gad,” which can be found at our website: . I am presently continuing my research and I am finding evidence that seems to include Levitical and Zebulonite blood within the Igbo as well. I am also finding much more overwhelming cultural evidence that links the Igbo people to Israel. Thus I am plan on expanding my present book about the Hebraic connection of the Igbo to Israel.

I have also attended and spoke about their Hebraic origins to their World Igbo Congress that’s held annually in North America and have been warmly received and invited back to speak again this year. However, due to the untimely death of Rabbi Ukahson, I have not been back to Nigeria since 2011. Therefore with all the work I have been doing since by visits and with all the Igbos I have meet online who live in Igboland, I must return to continue to help teach and train up leaders and laity in Torah and in Messiah to perpetuate this movement as well as continue my research into their tribal roots as sons and daughters of Jacob.

In the past, Rabbi Ukahson has taken care of all my expenses while in Nigeria. However, with him gone I will have to be sure my way while there is secured. With the obtaining of the visa, purchasing the plane ticket and making sure I have sufficient funds to sustain me while I am there I will need approximately $8000 US dollars. I have taken temporary and odd jobs to try and raise the funds myself. To donate, or to get some ideas on how to raise money for the missions trip please visit this link for more information:

To learn more about the Igbo and the work being done in Nigeria please visit the “Tribe of Gad” tab and its subtabs on our website:

I also deeply covet your prayers. Nigeria can be a dangerous place, so much so that my host issued me body guards and police escorts while there.  Nigeria is also rife with witchcraft and it has been forged against me in the past, so pray for my protection and spiritual strength.  Also keep my family’s safety in your prayers as I will be away from them for weeks at a time. This is emotionally draining and I ask you pray for my strength in that respects, for at times I become very homesick for my family. Pray as well for physical my strength, for sleep does not come easy and the itinerary is hectic and full, not to mention many insect and food borne illnesses can occur there as well as having to adapt to the heat and humidity.  Finally, please pray for the success and accomplishment of a GOD has for me to do over there for His Glory.

A date has not been set as of yet, though I expect to return likely in the fall. I also need to find a trustworthy host that is competent to make all the necessary arrangements as well as schedule the itinerary for me before I get there.  I am hoping to go with a dear Igbo friend of mine who lives stateside, Rabbi Gavriel Ogugua. I pray he can come as well.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support.
-          Rabbi Yehudah (Tochukwu) ben Shomeyr