Thursday, January 3, 2019

Get Back to the First Century: My Testimony

My Testimony: Where it all Began for Me

We hadn’t been married long. Second semester of my junior year at Bible College. There I was, sitting in the passenger seat, my wife at the wheel on a cool rainy fall morning on our commute to school. Watching the rain trickle down the car window, with a sigh, I felt a million miles away from God. I racked my brain and scoured my soul to see if there was anything I have done on my part to put that wedge, that distance I felt between me and God. For the life of me I couldn’t think of any sin I committed that created this separation between Him and I.

Internally I began a discourse with the Father, crying out to Him.

“God, what is wrong!? Why do I feel this way!? I feel a million miles away from you and I can’t think of anything that I have done to put such a distance between us! Is this all there is to the Christian life!? I feel like there’s more, I want more! If this is all there is and there is nothing more than this, then you are a cruel God, because I feel there is and want more!”

Then I heard God say in my spirit, three times, “GET BACK TO THE FIRST CENTURY!”

It made no sense and surely didn’t answer my question in any sort of way I could understand at the moment but strangely enough I felt a peace. It was then and there that I began my research and study on the first century believers in Jesus Christ. Who they were, what they believed… You know it is so ironic too because you would have thought I would have learned this at the Bible College I attended but, nope, nothing of what I discovered and am sharing between the pages of this book did I learn at the Bible College I attended and graduated from with a B.A. in Bible and Missions.

So the following is the MORE that I screamed to God for, The MORE that I felt there was and wanted so desperately. Let us begin.