Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Get Back to the First Century: Eating Kosher

The Root of Kashrut (Eating Kosher)

 I Timothy 4:4-5 creates a problem for most readers. 

“For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.”

We must remember when reading the Renewed Covenant (New Testament) that it was written under the assumption that the reader knew the basics of Torah (the Law).  So when Rav Sha’ul (Paul) says “every creature,” he, being a Torah observant Jew, a Pharisee no less, would not even remotely think of creatures outside of the ones approved by the LORD in Leviticus 11.  Verse 43 says that if you eat anything not designated as a food source that you become an abomination to ADONAI if you eat it!  Every animal has its purpose in creation.  Some are scavengers, GOD’s garbage collectors (Carnivores and Omnivores), and these are the types we are forbidden to eat, and rightly so.  For example, pigs do not have sweat glands; this is why pigs wallow in mud to keep cool.  Since they do not have sweat glands, they cannot rid their body of toxins like we can, so the toxins stay in their meat, and we consume that if we eat pork!  Also, shrimp is the sea equivalent to the cockroach, and the crab is the sea equivalent to spiders.  I saw a documentary about some primitive tribal natives in some far off jungle where the narrator tried fried tarantulas, and he said it tastes like crab.  Verse 5 of I Timothy chapter 4 does NOT mean that if you pray or bless unclean food that God will “magically” take the impurities away.  The physical consequences of disobeying Torah still stand.  Exodus 15:26 says that if Israel keeps Torah, God will not allow the diseases of the Egyptians to come upon them.  Autopsies have been preformed on many Egyptian mummies, and out of all the mummies autopsied, most died of one of three diseases.  These are the same top three diseases that Americans die of today.  These diseases are a direct result of not keeping a kosher diet.  They are:

1.    Diabetes
2.    Heart disease
3.    Cancer

Verse 3 of I Timothy 4 gives us a little context.  Some were abstaining from meat altogether and becoming vegetarians for fear of not personally knowing the source of the meat, Jew or Pagan, kosherly slaughtered or not, offered to idols or not.  If the meat was served by a Jew, whether it was originally bought or received from a pagan, the buyer would know if it was kosherly slaughtered or not.  If kosher and blessed, it is “set apart” and dedicated to God, and made holy, regardless if it was offered to an idol or not.  Many people say that Yeshua Himself declared “all things clean (Mk. 7:19).” That phrase in the KJV is italicized which means the translators added it for confusion… I mean “clarification.”  So, those are not Yeshua’s words, nor his intent.  Nor was Kefa (Peter’s) vision in Acts 10 permission from God to disregard the dietary laws of Lev. 11.  Kefa (Peter) even admitted the vision he had concerning the sheet with unclean animals concerned the inclusion of Gentiles into faith in Yeshua Ha Moshiach (The Messiah) (Acts 10-11) and it had absolutely nothing to do with food. If Peter never had that vision he would have never went with the men Cornelius sent, because for purposes of ritual purity a Jew simply didn’t go into the house of a non-Jew to chum around. The vision was given to Peter so that he would know it was okay to go and that He was opening the way of Faith to the Gentiles.

The only conceivable reason why God would change the dietary laws is that He is a liar and does change, contrary to Scripture, and that He no longer loves and cares about us.

It is so sad that people are so attached to such a thing as types of “food,” that they cannot give up something so insignificant in light of God’s direct and loving commands.  I mean people almost worship bacon the way they go on about it and look at you like you have two heads if you tell them you don’t eat shrimp or lobster. And some people make their appetites a deal breaker and say, “I can never give up pork or shell fish! So there’s no way I could be a Torah Obedient Believer in Jesus. I thank God He did away with those laws!” A lame excuse and a false, bias interpretation of Scripture based on their fleshly craving that holds no water. Besides, today there are enough substitutes that one should not even miss, or make not having certain “foods” easier to deal with.  For example, they have turkey bacon, lamb and veggie sausage, veggie burgers, imitation crab made from kosher fish, etc.  However, Rav Sha’ul (Paul) said in Philippians 3:19 (CJB), “They are headed for destruction! Their god is the belly; they are proud of what they ought to be ashamed of, since they are concerned about things of the world.”

Our bodies are considered the Temple of God.  We do not want to put anything in it that will defile it.  We Jews believe God has given us the divine responsibility to do all to His glory.  When we eat, we elevate everything we consume to a holy status, because it is put in the Temple of God and used to do His will, fulfilling commandments, and doing His Torah!

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye dodo all to the glory of God.