Thursday, July 19, 2018

The 12/70 Principle: 12 Tribes, 12 Apostles, 12 Fates

12 Tribes 12 Apostles 12 Fates

The activities of the 12 Apostles after Acts is surrounded by legend and speculation, so I have scoured several sources including Foxes Book of Martyrs and a several Catholic sources and have used the ones that agree with each other to determine where and how they met their end. Could these things give us a clue to which Tribe of Israel they were sent to find and minister too?

·       Simon Peter – Crucified upside down in Rome
·       Andrew – Said to have ministered in Asia, Cappadocia, Galatia, Bithynia, Scythia and Byzantium. He was crucified on an “X” shaped cross, some say, upside down in Rome under Nero’s reign.
·       James son of Zebedee – Was said to have minister in Spain and Ethiopia. He was 1st to be martyred (Acts 12:2) by the sword, by beheading.
·       John son of Zebedee – Exiled to Patmos and was boiled alive, but miraculously he would not burn and was said to be the only Apostle to die of natural causes in Ephesus.
·       Phillip – Ministered in Turkey and by the Black Sea and was imprisoned, scourged, skinned alive and crucified upside down at Hierapolis Phrygia in 54 AD
·       Bartholomew/Nathanial – Was said to have ministered and was beaten and crucified in India, some say he was skinned alive.
·       Thomas – Ministered in Persia, Parthia, India and Afghanistan and was tortured, speared and thrown in an oven in Calamina India, others say he was martyred in Malta
·       Matthew Levi – Is said to have went to Ethipoia and minister to Candaces’ (Acts 8:27) people and was pinned to the ground and beheaded in Nadaban (Naddayar) Ethiopia in 60 AD
·       James son of Alpheus – It is said he took a Nazarite vow and was killed by Jews.
·       Judah/Thaddeus/Lebbaeus – and was said to traveled and ministered often with Simon the Zealot and was crucified in 72 AD in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Edessa.
·       Simon the Zealot of Canaan – Ministered all over North, East and West Africa as well as Persia, Iberia and even Britain (Lincolnshire) where he was supposedly sawed in half there. Some sources say he was crucified and buried in Africa.
·       Matthias – It is said he ministered in Ethiopia by the Sea of Hyssus (Black Sea) by the River Phasis (Near Turkey) and was stoned and beheaded in Jerusalem.
·       Saul/Paul – The Apostle to the Gentiles, the 70 nations, the assimilated 10 Lost Tribes. His missionary journey is well documented in the book of Acts and was beheaded in 66 AD under Nero’s reign. A supposed lost chapter of Acts has him in Britain ministering to Druids who claim to be one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

All Apostles besides John the Revelator (son of Zebedee) is recorded to have died as a martyr. Although legend has it martyrdom was attempted on his life; being boiled alive, but miraculously despite the oil boiling around him this flesh would not burn so they exiled him to the Isle of Patmos where he received his revelation.

Let us try and piece together the legend of these Apostles ministry and their deaths and see if the Tribes they were supposedly assigned to line up according to British Israelite and Black Hebrew scholars among other sources including religious and secular.

·       Simon PeterJudah (Indeed he was considered the Apostle to the Jews and Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles) – It was clear he reached out to Jews in Israel and in Rome.
·       AndrewIssachar – The tribe is said to have finally settled in Switzerland and Finland and were likely in the areas Andrews is said to have been in their migration to Switzerland and Finland.
·       James son of ZebedeeZebulun – There are legends that state a portion of Zebulun did flee to Africa and possibly Spain along with Gad and Judah.
·       John son of ZebedeeDan and Reuben – Dan and Reuben was said to have finally settled in parts of Africa/Denmark/Europe and France/Germany respectively and it is conceivable John did minister to Danites and Reubenites.
·       Phillip Asher and Simeon – Phillip being called a warrior was fit to minister to Simeon which was prophesied to be scattered with his brother Levi due to their hastiness with the sword against Shechem. Asher was said to have ended up in Northern Europe and various parts of Africa. If this be correct it is not as stretch to think Phillip ran into Asherites and Simeonites in the places where he is said to have ministered.
·       Bartholomew/NathanialNaphtali and Gad – Naphtali and Gad was said to have split and part of them ended up in West Africa and another part of these two tribes went to Norway/Sweden and Germany/Sweden respectively. We do not know all of Bartholomew/Nathanial’s ministerial travels and it is conceivable that he ministered in other places than just India thus running into those from Naphtali and Gad.
·       Thomas Benjamin and Ephraim – The Pathans in and around the area of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India is said to contain a portion of every tribe of Israel (most of which are Muslims today) and this fits to where Thomas was said to have been ministering.
·       Matthew LeviManasseh – many African tribes are said to be sons of Manasseh, so it may be true Matthew did minister to Africans who were descendants of Manasseh.
·       James son of AlpheusEphraim and Benjamin – Little is known where this James traveled and ministered, but seeing as Benjamin was scattered among the Jews and James supposedly died at the hands of the Jews, it is probable James did minister to Benjamites. Not knowing much of his travels we can only speculate where he may have gone in order to minister to Ephraim.
·       Judas(Judah)/Thaddeus/LebbaeusGad and Dan – A portion of both Gad and Dan ended in up in African countries, especially in the West and if he did travel with Simon the Zealot of Canaan, it is highly probable that this Apostle did minister to Danites and Gadites.
·       Simon the Zealot of CanaanSimeon and Asher – Again, Simeon being scattered everywhere and legends about of Asherites making it to various parts of Africa Simon probably did minister unto the tribes of Simeon and Asher. If Simon was a Black Hebrew, it would make sense that Yeshua would send him to people that closely resembled his appearance.
·       Matthias Reuben and Naphtali – It is not clear whether portions of Reuben made it to Africa, but there are African tribes who claim to be descended from Naphtali, so Matthias likely did minister to Naphtalites. Reuben was said rather to have settled in France and Germany by way of the Black Sea and Naphtali to Norway by way of the Black Sea.
·       Saul/PaulGentiles 70 Nations Assimilated 12 Tribes – True, Paul traveled where many Gentiles lived as well as were Jews and Hebrews of the Lost 10 Tribes lived in the Diaspora.

We have to keep in mind that the Apostles caught these tribes in sort of a mid-migratory state, and were on their way to be where they are today. True, much of this evidence is speculator and circumstantial, but we know that all legends, like a pearl are based on a grain of truth. Perhaps in the future we may be able to regain documentation confiscated and locked away by the Roman Catholic Church or confirm and or debunk information found in Apocryphal and Psuedopigraphal literature.  But the information we do have at hand seems to indicate that the 12 Apostles were sent to and did minister unto all the 12 tribes of Israel.