Friday, January 1, 2016

Torah Trails #13 Sh'mot

Torah Trails
Rabbi Yehudah “Tochukwu” ben Shomeyr
Kristopher Shoemaker

#13 Sh’mot
Exd. 1:1-6:1
Isa. 27:6-28:13, 29:22-23, Jer. 1:1-2:3
Hebrews 11:27
Memory Verses: Exd. 2:11, Isa. 29:23, I Cor. 14:25

Gen. 2:10, 14, 21, 3:11, 12, 4:2, 5:1, 6:1

  •   Moses’s life is the model of the life of a Believer. Like Moses, we are rescued, drawn out of a dangerous environment. Moses was in a river full of hippos and crocs, we were in and rescued from an environment full of sin, death, temptations, vices and snares.

  • Moses messed up big time! He killed a man. Most of us have never killed anyone but we all have in our lives; regrets where we screw up and it changed things for us forever.
  • Moses had to remove himself from his old stomping grounds and get away from his past, meet new people and work things out and thinking things through. We too, after a life changing event, we often change locations and stations in life as well as a new set of people surrounds us.

  • Then after time has passed, we have healed, changed, grown and matured, God often calls us back to our past for victory and closure, just as He did with Moses. But we don’t go empty handed and vulnerable, God, like Moses, equips us with a rod of authority. We go with intentions of setting others free and leading others out of the dangerous environment we once were in. In the end, after we see the impossible happen, though we were there and involved, it was by the work, might and empowerment of God all along.

Isa. 29:22-23

·       God did not send Moses back into the maul of the Egyptian crocodile to fail and be consumed, but to leave victorious and unharmed with a myriad of former captives trailing behind him. So too with us, God calls and equips us to succeed and be victorious.
·       You say, “I’m nothing, I’m a screw up!” Yeah! That’s the point, so the victory and success that is achieved can only be attributed to God. He reveals His power and might by using underdogs and rejects like us.

Heb. 11:27

When we realize it’s all God, we are just an instrument in His Hand, we fear no one or no thing, we allow Him to move through us. Does a clarinet worry if it will bellow out beautiful harmonious notes? No, that concern lies with the clarinet player.

“Abba YHWH Elohim, open a door for me this week to share my testimony with others; what You’ve done for, in and through me, so that You may be glorified, and others may be freed. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen!”