Saturday, December 26, 2015

Torah Trails #12 Vayechi

Torah Trails
Rabbi Yehudah “Tochukwu” ben Shomeyr
Kristopher Shoemaker

#12 Vayechi
Gen. 47:28-50:26
I Kings 2:1-12
Hebrews 11:21-22, I Pet. 1:3-9, 2:11-17
Memory Verses: Gen. 49:1, I Kings 2:12, I Pet. 1:9

Gen. 49:33

Jacob came into this world clasping the heel of his fraternal twin brother Esau. In mid-life he likely grabbed the foot when he wrestled with God and won. In the end he grabbed his own feet as he, “gathered up his feet into the bed, and yielded up the ghost.”

Jacob’s life was marked with grabbing and fighting for virtually everything he had from Esau and Laban. Crossing land and river it was marked by feet, which, like ones shoes, tells a lot about a person, about their journey in life.

Jacob grabbed, fought and wandered right up until he through his life was over. Then he was returned with Joseph his son whom he long thought he lost his grip on and it invigorated him and gave him new life. After which you never hear of Jacob grabbing, fighting or wandering ever again, except when he, “gathered up his feet into the bed, and yielded up the ghost.”

Jacob’s life began with a struggle but ended in peace. It began with getting a blessing and ended up with giving a blessing. Jacob ended his life giving his sons all he spent his lifetime getting and finally gave his blessing to each and every one of his sons, even to two of his grandsons that he adopted as his own.

Jacob entered the world with one hand full of the fleshy heel of another and ended with both his hands full of his own fleshy heels.

He began insecure, grabbing for another and ended secure content and at peace embracing himself. He was now complete, full of years and at peace surrounded by his family. May we be so fortunate.

I Kings 2:1

David on the other hand left some unfinished business for his son Solomon, but because it was a Kingly dynasty it was more like the passing of the torch, the transfer of a mantle or a calling. For us who have children or even folks whom we’ve mentored, what do we have to pass on to the next one in line? Wisdom, a legacy, a ministry? Like a will, something to think about and settle today because tomorrow is not a given.

Heb. 11:21-22

What Jacob gave his sons was something he actually didn’t have. It was a blessing, a prophetic gift for the future. He evaluated their character and talents and prophetically blessed them to give them a direction, a course for a successful future. He gave them what he wished for them to have in the form of a blessing. He gave the children of Israel his very soul.

It’s vitally important that we are prepared to bless our children and these we mentor before we die. When we know they are ready to leave the nest and start a life or ministry of their own.

“Abba YHWH Elohim, bless us with wisdom to be content with what we have yet strive for Your blessing so that we may in turn are able to bless the next generation. In Yeshua’s Name we ask and give thanks, Ameyn!”