Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Mission Opportunities

Dear Family, Friends, Associates and Partners of Abraham’s Descendants International,

Summer is upon us once again and Fall is not too far behind, which is usually the season for ministerial and missions trips.

I believe 2013 is our year and I felt in my spirit great things in store for AD International and believers of the Body of Messiah in general. There are opportunities wrought with challenges that lay before AD International.  Rabbi Yehudah has been invited to attend and speak at a Messianic conference in Chattanooga Tennessee in July as well as attend the World Igbo congress in Texas at the end of August as well as travel to Israel in October and Nigeria in November; invitations from Igbo communities in the diaspora, specifically in Germany and Ireland has been presented as well. However this past year has been especially financially trying for Rabbi Yehudah and the families and staff of AD international and help is needed to raise the funds for these worthy missions’ and ministerial trips. In the past Rabbi Yehudah has taken on summer work to pay approximately half of his missionary expenses and the other half came from generous donations from the Family, Friends, Associates and Partners of Abraham’s Descendants International. However, despite the Rabbi distributing many applications, this year, summer work has not been available for Rabbi Yehudah and the current part time job he now has, has been to help his family catch up from a financially grueling winter. Therefore we need your help to send Rabbi Yehudah back to Nigeria to continue his work among the Igbo which has been halted for a little over a year due to the unfortunate and untimely death his host Rabbi Ukahson. Believers, Leaders and Congregations in Nigeria desperately need Messianic materials which the Rabbi brings with him. They also need help in guidance and in the edifying of believers, training leaders and combating anti-missionaries, all of which Rabbi Yehudah does when he is there.

Your generous financial gift to meet these worldwide missions needs is greatly appreciated.

Abraham’s Descendants International
Rabbi Yehudah ben Shomeyr (Kris Shoemaker)