Friday, June 21, 2013

A.D. International Can and Bottle Drive

Greetings in the Lovely Name of Yeshua (Jesus).

For the past 3 years I have been traveling to Africa and various places in North America working extensively with the Igbo people of Nigeria who can actually be traced back to the Lost Tribe of Gad, through Gad’s sons, Eri, Areli and Arodi. I have written a book about the evidences, entitled; “Finding Gad: The Quest for the Lost Tribe of Gad” which can be found and purchased here: 

I have been involved in edifying, equipping, educating and training Igbo leaders and laity alike in order to build up congregations to reach Africa for Messiah as well as bring the Igbo tribe in to the truth of their true Hebraic Identity.

I have been invited this November to speak and minister to Igbo communities in the European Diaspora, specifically Ireland, England and Germany. In the past I have taken on summer work to pay approximately half of my missionary expenses and the other half came from generous donations from the Family, Friends and Associates. However, despite distributing many applications, this year, summer work has not been available for me and the current part time job I now have, has been to help my family catch up from a financially grueling winter. Therefore I need your help.

I realize the vast majority of us are in no financial situation to contribute, but I have thought of a way that you can contribute without dinging your pocketbook. If each one of you can collect and redeem recyclable bottles and cans and send me the proceeds via check, money order and or paypal, this will greatly help me in reaching my goal of $5000.00 to cover the expenses for this trip.

My accommodations while in the respective countries have been provided for so these funds will cover the cost of my travel and any miscellaneous expenses that may arise during the trip and if there is by chance a surplus in funds that would go towards my next trip back to Nigeria. 

If you could get your ministry and or church or synagogue involved I would be most grateful.

My mailing address is:

Kris Shoemaker
PO Box 763
Ft. Fairfield, ME. 04742

You can donate through paypal found at the bottom of my websites homepage:

Thank you so very much!
Rabbi Yehudah
Kris Shoemaker