Wednesday, September 19, 2012

World Igbo Congress 2012 Orlando Florida: DEBRIEF

World Igbo Congress 2012 Orlando Florida: Debrief

My journey began prior to even registering for the World Igbo Congress or purchasing my plane ticket. I began when Tropical Storm Isaac loomed in the Atlantic and initially threatened to hit Florida head on. I immediately began to pray that the storm would veer off and that my travel plans would be unaffected. As I continued to monitor the weather and tracking Tropical Storm Isaac, I seen that day by day the GOD of Israel began to shove the storm further and further into the Gulf of Mexico until Florida was virtually unaffected by the Storm.

It was not until then did I realize the prophetic nature of this trip:

  1. Tropical Storm Isaac: Isaac was the Covenant Child of new birth and new life between GOD and Abraham. GOD was establishing a new beginning with the World Igbo Congress.
  2. It was the 18th annual WIC. 18 in Hebrew is the number of life and double portions. GOD was pouring out a double portion and blessing of new life on Ndi Igbo through the WIC.

The LORD was saying He was birthing something new and giving new life to Ndi Igbo and the WIC and covenanting with the WIC. Representing GOD renewing His Covenant between Himself and Ndi Igbo, being of Gad, son of Jacob (Israel).

Indeed this was true and a clear demarcation between last year and this year’s WIC. WIC 2011 was a lot of pomp and circumstance as a peacock strutting its feathers displaying for dominance and control. This year’s WIC (2012) was markedly different. There was a paradigm shift between WIC 2011 and 2012 for the better. WIC 2012 was all business focusing on leadership and unity of Ndi Igbo at home and abroad.

WIC 2012 in Orlando Florida was very productive and a great success. I was well received by all at the WIC and was humbled by compliments of the Igbo and various leaders and chiefs. All seemed to be impressed and appreciative of my use of the Igbo language and the grasp of its cultural nuances and protocol.

I attended and participated under the banner of Igbo Friends of Israel. Accompanying me this trip was Rabbi (Ikechukwu) Gavriel Ogugua who lives and ministers in West Palm Beach Florida as Rabbi of the Redeemed Israel Tabernacle as well as being a board member of Igbo Friends of Israel. He brought his whole congregation up to the conference to participate in the Messianic Sabbath morning service where even the weeks Torah portion testified to the befiefs and practices still held by Igbos in Igboland today. Testifying to the fact Ndi Igbi are Hebrews and are of Israel through Gad’s sons Eri, Areli and Arodi.

After the Torah Service I spoke and testified regarding my trips to Igboland and the work among the Igbo people as well as citing evidences from my book, “Finding Gad: The Quest for the Lost Tribe of Gad” regarding the Igbo’s connection to Israel through Biblical, Linguistic, Cultural, and Archeological evidences linking the Igbo to Gad.

We were so well received that the WIC told us they would like to make our participation a permanent part of future annual WIC’s.

While there ministering, joining us was Kandi and Craig Moesel who has a ministry in blowing the shofar (ram’s horn) and praying and prophesying over people. While ministering together we witnessed an elderly Igbo man named Boniface who was legally blind due to glaucoma and only being able to see shadows receive his sight to the point he was able to could the strips on Kandi’s tallit and call our correctly their colors! Baruch HaShem, Otito Diri Chukwu Abiama (Praise The GOD of Abraham)!


n  Rabbi Yehudah (Tochukwu)

n  Chief Odum Biara Ana Igbo Nwanne Di Uto