Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer Requests for Nigeria Trip 2011

Prayer Requests for Nigeria Trip 2011
The following is an exhaustive list of prayer requests and needs that I ask the Body of Believers to pray for regarding this upcoming trip to Nigeria.
·        Please pray that YHWH will prepare Rabbi Yehudah Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Financially for this trip.
·        Plead the blood of Yeshua over Rabbi Yehudah as well as an infilling of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) and that he would have an entourage of angels surrounding and protecting him in his travels.
·        Please pray that Rabbi Yehudah will obtain a multiple entry visa for Nigeria so he can make annual or even possibly bi-annual trips to Nigeria without the extra expense and hassle of applying for a visa each trip.
·        Please pray for safety and ease in travel:
-         From airport to airport
-         From security checkpoint to security checkpoint
-         Over the Ocean from one continent to the other and back again
-         From community to community and state to state within Nigeria as well as surrounding countries.
·        Please pray that Rabbi Yehudah will find favor in the eyes of all who he encounters from security, political, governmental, royal and religious officials.
·        Please pray for reliable means of communication with his family by web or phone.
·        Please pray for safety and wellness of Rabbi Yehudah’s wife and daughter while he is away.
·        Please pray that Rabbi Yehudah would gain audience with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and have a successful and profitable meeting.
·        Please pray that Rabbi Yehudah would gain audience with other Igbo rulers of the various Igbo dynasties and have a successful and profitable meeting.
·        Please pray that the donated goods and materials others have sent to A.D. International for the Nigerian believers will make it safe and sound and in one piece and that it would wisely be distributed to the right communities and synagogues.
·        Please pray that HaShem will give just the right words for Rabbi Yehudah to say, to deliver to each community and or synagogue he comes to.
·        Please pray that HaShem and the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) will go before Rabbi Yehudah and prepare with openness every heart, mind and soul of every person he will come in contact with.
·        Please pray that HaShem will give just the right words for Rabbi Yehudah to combat the propaganda of the orthodox anti-missionaries that have come among them.
·        Please pray that HaShem will give just the right words for Rabbi Yehudah to address and bring clarity to those Igbo caught up in the sacrificial cult of Awatasianism.
·        Please pray for healing of Rabbi Yehudah’s Nigerian host; Dr. Rabbi Michael Melek Ukahson who months ago severely injured his back in a traffic accident and has greatly been incapacitated since in that he has been unable to resume teaching classes at the Yeshiva (School) in order to train the leaders among the Igbo and Nigeria believers.
·        Please pray that Eze (King) Chukwuemeka-Eri to have wisdom, health and long life in order to unite and rule righteously the Igbo people, nationally and world wide.
·        Please pray that the Igbo will get governmental recognition and approval by Israel for them to make Aliyah as children of Gad and that the fact that they are believers in Messiah Yeshua will not hinder this.
·        Please pray that Sister Alice, who currently leads the little synagogue out in the Nigerian Bush will be able to find the right Rabbi to lead the congregation as well as secure the necessary building materials in order to withstand the rainy seasons.
·        Please pray that Prince Chinedu Eri will get the necessary paperwork, grants and funds secured to be able to come and study in Canada.
·        Please pray that Moriah bat Shofar from A.D. International who was invited by the Igbo’s to come and teach the believing women of the community, that she will be able to secure the means and funds to go to Nigeria and have a successful trip. She is slated to go after a few days after I come back from my trip to Nigeria.

A.D. International Africa branch and RICON (Redeemed Israel Community of Nigeria) have collectively asked prayer that:
·        They would be able to receive and obtain Sacred Name Bibles (ISR Scriptures, HRV, Complete Jewish Bible, Aramaic-English New Testament), All four volumes by Michael Brown’s, “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus,” Tzitzit, Kippot, Tallit Gadolim, Tallit Katans, Mezuzot, Messianic and or Natsari books, Messianic prayer siddurim, Artscroll Siddurim, Messianic music and worship CD’s, Messianic and or Netzari Teaching DVD’s etc.
·        They would be able to establish Messianic/Natsari Yeshivas (schools) for children and adults alike.
·        They would be able to establish a regular radio and TV presence in Nigeria.
·        They would be able to send their most called and gifted members to study abroad and train for the Rabbinate so in turn they can return and teach and train up others.
·        They would be able to establish thriving businesses among themselves so they will be self sustaining and not reliant upon the finances of outsiders and so that they will be able to get Sabbath’s and High Holy Days off as they require.
·        That the Nigerian leaders and politicians of Nigeria will officially recognize as a legitimate religious movement of the Messianic/Natsarim with necessary rights and privileges.

Please pray for:
·        Dr. Rabbi Mikahel Melek Ukahson: This man, my gracious host, spearheads the Natsarim movement in Nigeria.
·        Dr. Daniel Orah: This is Dr. Ukahson’s right hand man who leads Beit Shalom Synagogue in Onitsha, Anambra State. He, along with many other leaders under him came out of Christianity and held such titles as Bishop and desire and they are awaiting training to become Natsari Rabbis in Nigeria.
·        Chazzan Avraham: This is a man who looks uncannily like the pop singer Seal, the guy who married super model Heidi Klum. Avraham is self taught in Hebrew and has been made the Chazzan. He is the one who trains young men and women for their bar/bat mitzvah. He is also the one on Sabbath chats the prayers and the Torah portions in Hebrew in a signature Hebraic cantillation but with an indigenous Nigerian flare.
·        Business Men: There is a group of Torah obedient business men who are trying to get together to first of all, learn how to conduct business according to the Torah and create jobs and businesses in AD International Africa and RICON so that the community can have their Sabbath and High Holy Days off.
·        Eze Chukwuemeka-Eri King of all the Igbo’s:  Will the have wisdom, health and long life in order to unite and rule righteously the Igbo people, nationally and world wide.
·        President Goodluck Jonathan: He is the son of an Ijaw man and an Igbo woman. He is a professing born again Pentecostal Christian and he came to office after the president died and was re-elected in April of 2011. Most of the people love and believe in him. There is much corruption in Nigeria so pray President Goodluck Jonathan will be incorruptible and make positive lasting changes in Nigeria.

I have been offered a temporary casual job at the local nursing home from June till August. Hopefully this will allow me to save up funds for my return trip to Nigeria this November. However, I still need the financial assistance of others to help make this trip possible. If you wish to help me fund this trip, it would be much appreciated. You would be actively participating in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in these last days in seeing a lost tribe of Israel come back into their own. Do not worry about the amount, every little bit helps! You can donate by finding the donation button on the home page of my website: www.adint-ministries.com
Or make checks or money orders payable to “Kris Shoemaker” and send it to:
PO BOX 763
Ft. Fairfield, ME. 04742
If just 100 people would give $30.00 I would have enough to cover my trip to Nigeria.
You can see photos of my trip to Nigeria, labeled “Nigeria 2010,” on my facebook profile:
In the service of the God of Israel,
Founder and CEO of RaYBaSH Ministries and A.D. International,
-- Rabbi Yehudah ben Shomeyr