Friday, June 17, 2011

101 Ways to Help Raise and Save Money for Nigerian Missions Trip

101 Ways to Save and Raise Money for A.D. International and the mission to the Nigerian Igbo People, the Tribe of Gad

In these hard economic times it’s hard to make ends meet for ones self, let alone give to a ministry you desire to support. Some of these suggestions are serious, and some are comical so as to achieve the number 101, nonetheless, please consider ways you can bless this ministry. Thank You!

1.     Take your lunch to work.
2.     Bring your snacks to work.
3.     Bring a thermos of coffee to work.
4.     Pick up pennies when you see them.
5.     Collect and redeem aluminum cans.
6.     Collect and redeem plastic bottles.
7.     Collect and redeem glass bottles.
8.     Collect and redeem copper.
9.     Collect and redeem steel.
10. Collect and redeem papers.
11. Pawn stuff you do not need any longer.
12. Have a garage or yard sale.
13. Have a bake sale.
14. Buy generic instead of name brands.
15. Fast one snack a day.
16. Fast one meal a week.
17. Rummage through the pockets of your wardrobe, purses, backpacks, etc…
18. Check your car for loose change.
19. Check your couch for loose change.
20. Sacrifice going out to eat or ordering in.
21. Volunteer for a little overtime when able.
22. Baby-sit.
23. Have a consignment sale.
24. Have a silent auction.
25. Sell candy bars.
26. Sell your plasma.
27. Decide now to set aside some of your income tax refund for the ministry.
28. Forgo renting movies and have a board game night instead.
29. Think of any debts people owe you and collect.
30. Give to others in need and G-d will increase you to give even more.
31. Allow your children to contribute from their allowance so as to teach them about giving.
32. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees in the winter.
33. Do without the AC on days that aren’t that hot.
34. Turn off and unplug any lights, electronics or appliances you are not using.
35. Turn the furnace on a little later this year.
36. Turn the furnace off a little early this year.
37. Turn your AC on a little later this year.
38. Turn your AC off a little earlier this year.
39. Put a two-liter bottle of water in your toilet tanks to conserve water.
40. Consciously limit your electrical use such as you TV and or computer time.
41. Clip coupons.
42. Go back to life before cable or satellite (Temporarily), consider it an electronic or entertainment fast.
43. Shop online for great deals on gifts.
44. Shop at discount stores for toiletries, necessities and groceries.
45. Consider switching long distance carriers.
46. Seal the windows in your home.
47. Take the pennies out of your loafers.
48. Cash in on that comic book or sports card or toy collection.
49. Make some of your gifts this year.
50. Buy generic pet food (Temporarily).
51. The family vehicle can survive on regular unleaded.
52. Walk, ride the bike or take public transportation when possible.
53. Do it yourself instead of hiring a handy man or repair man.
54. Have a car wash.
55. Clean houses.
56. Get a temporary or seasonal part time job.
57. Work Sundays.
58. Try PBJ one night a week instead of steak.
59. Shop at thrift stores.
60. Cut your families hair instead of going to the barber.
61. See how you can save on car insurance.
62. See how you can save on life insurance.
63. Tell family and friends about the ministry and its needs and how and where they can donate.
64. Cancel your newspaper subscription temporarily.
65. Check on a more economic solution for phone, TV and internet service.
66. Walk the neighborhood dogs.
67. Mow lawns.
68. Rake leaves.
69. Shovel snow.
70. Rent out that extra room.
71. Limit your gas consumption by carpooling and combining errands.
72. Take shorter showers.
73. Eat by candle light one night a week.
74. Set aside the change you get when you break a dollar.
75. Shop bi-weekly instead of weekly.
76. Have a benefit concert or talent show.
77. Close vents and doors to unused rooms in your home or office.
78. Look into consolidating your bills and debt.
79. If someone asks what for a birthday or Hanukah, tell them to donate to this ministry in your name.
80. Consider a stay-cation this year.
81. Instead of TV time, read.
82. One word: CLEARANCE!
83. Three words: SCRATCH AND DENT!
84. By cloth bags for grocery shopping.
85. Use old plastic bags for trash bags in small cans.
86. Buy a water bottle instead of buying bottled water.
87. Have a walk-a-thon.
88. Have a rock-a-thon.
89. Ask G-d to show you how you can save and collect money for this ministry.
90. Pray to find loose change and bills on the ground.
91. Check coin slots in public machines.
92. Cut and sell firewood.
93. Break out that old metal detector and take a walk in the park or on the beach.
94. Will people pay to see you do a crazy stunt, like get a pie in the face or get soaked in a dunking booth?
95. Don’t throw away that publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes, sent it in, hey you never know!
96. After high school games check under the bleachers.
97. Rent your kids out for neighborhood chores.
98. Research your family tree you may find a rich relative!
99. Hey, there’s always the lottery!
100.                    You live in a small town with big events; sell parking spaces on your lawn.
101.                    Follow suggestions 1-100.

You can donate by finding the donation button on the home page of my website:
Or make checks or money orders payable to “Kris Shoemaker” and send it to:
PO BOX 763
Ft. Fairfield, ME. 04742
If just 100 people would give $30.00 I would have enough to cover my trip to Nigeria.

-- Rabbi Yehudah