Friday, May 27, 2011

Missions Trip to Nigeria in November

Shalom dear Family and Friends,
As many of you know I am working very closely with the Igbo tribe of Nigeria who is actually a portion of the lost Biblical tribe of Gad. You can read more about this on my website under “Tribe of Gad” tab and its sub-tabs.
I have been offered a temporary casual job from June until August. Hopefully this will allow me to save up funds for my return trip to Nigeria this November. However, I still need the financial assistance of others to help make this trip possible. If you wish to help me fund this trip, it would be much appreciated. You would be actively participating in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in these last days in seeing a lost tribe of Israel come back into their own. Do not worry about the amount, every little bit helps! You can donate by finding the donation button on the home page of my website:
Or make checks payable to “Kris Shoemaker” and send it to:
PO BOX 763
Ft. Fairfield, ME. 04742
 PS: Please forward this to all Rabbi's, Pastors, synagogues, churches, and ministries who would be interested in helping.