Sunday, March 27, 2011

LaShone Hara: The Sword and Scalpel - Introduction


LaShone Hara, The Evil Tongue: a common buzz word for anyone who has navigated Messianic or Natsari Jewish circles for any significant length of time. It is a word that tends to be used by people who knows the word and the general concept of the word, yet does not fully understand what the word really means. A lot of people just like to say it because it is a Jewish word and it makes them sound Jewish, mystical or educated, especially in front of Rabbis or religious leaders. It’s like a child who learns a new word and tries to use it every chance he gets by interjecting it into any everyday conversation he possibly can, especially around adults, so as to impress. Most do not know what principles govern what is and what is not LaShone Hara. All to often, in a childish, finger pointing, accusatory way when “LaShone Hara” is even slightly suspected, like kindergarteners on the play ground the tattle-tales among us gasped with eyes wide and arm and finger extended, “Ommmm! They spoke LaShone Hara!” But what is it really!? And what defines it!? How do I know if and when I am speaking LaShone Hara!?

In this book I hope to dispel any and all confusing surrounding this vitally important topic. If believer’s world wide could grasp, understand and live by these Biblical principles in regards to guarding the tongue, quite possibly unity of believers and Tikkun Olam (Fixing/Repairing the World) could be achieved virtually overnight.